Your sport data, all in one place

Zeus is a simple, secure sport data management system that can be managed from anywhere in the world.

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Control of your team

Zeus provides a standardised approach to managing athletes and Games teams. It gives you control over your athlete and team member data and provides you with processes and a consistent framework for delivering your athletes to the Games.


Centralized operations centre

Multi-sport organisations typically take an ad hoc approach to athlete record keeping, often leading to duplication, errors, inconsistency and unnecessary effort. As Zeus is an online browser based database system, it eliminates the need for storing data on multiple Excel files, Word documents or other database systems that become obsolete or lost when you have computer problems.


Access to a worldwide sport network

Using Zeus provides you with more than just a data management solution, it alsotraining_session provides you with access to a large network of sport professionals from the world's leading NOCs/CGAs/NPCs who are focused on developing solutions and solving problems associated with the Games. The Zeus network is focused on collaboration and knowledge sharing, it is a forum for innovation and the development of best practices.


Trusted, safe and secure

Over 30 NOCs/CGAs/NPCs from around the world use Zeus to store and manage their information. All data is safely stored in a highly secure cloud environment and always remains the property of the NOC/CGA/NPC, this ensures all organizations have autonomy and ownership of their data at all times.


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