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Membership Overview

The AMO is a membership based association. All organisations that license the use of the Zeus software are invited to become Members of the AMO. As a Member, organisations are given the opportunity to have direct influence in the way the AMO seeks to achieve its business objectives.

Benefits of AMO Membership include:

•  Determining the business direction of the AMO
•  Providing feedback to influence the decisions and development strategies for the Zeus software
•  Accessing the sport professionals collaborative knowledge sharing network
•  Attending the bi-annual Zeus Conference
•  Attending the AMO General Meeting
•  Nominating representatives for appointment to the Governance Group
•  Voting in the election of the Governance Group and Chairperson
•  Proposing amendments to the AMO Statutes
•  Approving Membership fees
•  Reviewing and approving the Annual Report, Annual Accounts and Auditor’s Report

In effect the Members ‘own’ the AMO and in turn the AMO owns and manages the Zeus software

 Zeus Workshop

AMO Zeus Conference

To foster information sharing and improved knowledge of Global events and organisational needs the AMO holds a bi-annual conference to ensure that any development of Zeus occurs in a coordinated and cost effective manner. It provides the forum to explore and compare athlete data management operations, networking between each group and establish best practices in the use of Zeus.

Training and Support Program

As part of the commitment to build organisational capacity for our Members a number of resources and tools have been made available.    

•  Training Videos from the Zeus YouTube Channel
•  Zeus Online Wiki Help Centre
•  Knowledge network of other Members
•  Zeus Workshops

Zeus WorkshopsZeus. The Future of Sport Management

There are regular Zeus Training Workshops for both new and more advanced users. The Workshops aim to increase the understanding of data management and its importance. Attendees develop confidence and competence with Zeus and gain an insight as to how the system could be utilised by their entire organisation. The resources and dynamics of the organisation are examined along with the best practice models being used by existing Zeus users.

The training workshops are hosted around the world by experienced Zeus users and workshop facilitators. Using a very hands-on approach the participants experience:

•  Management of multiple Games teams at the same time
•  Adding contacts, organizations and team members to a Games
•  Building and running reports, extracting data and adding data in bulk
•  Managing the modules of accreditation, travel, housing, outfitting and results
•  Allowing NSOs and Managers access to the system
•  Setting up athletes to have direct access to the system
•  Planning how the system is to be tailored and simplified
•  Examining good practices and models of existing Zeus users
•  Planning the change management process and the implications
•  Understanding the systems security settings
•  Being part of a knowledge sharing network


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