How it all began...

It all started back in 2002 when sport leaders from the New Zealand, Swiss and Australian Olympic Committees gathered in Sydney Australia seeking solutions for improving the process of sending athletes to the Olympic Games.

At this meeting the New Zealand Olympic Committee shared their vision of an online athlete data management system that they had developed after the Sydney Olympic Games. The NZOC offered the Australian and Swiss Olympic Committee's access to "Zeus" and within that same year "Zeus" was used to manage their athlete data for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games and the Manchester Commonwealth Games.

Where are we now...

We've come along way since that first meeting in 2002. Over the past decade Zeus has grown in to a sophisticated athlete data management system that manages the Games operations for more than 30 National Olympic, Paralympic Committees and Commonwealth Games Associations.

In order to manage the business operations and development of the Zeus Software we collaborated with some of the world's leading sport nations and formed a governance organisation - The Association of Multi-Sport Organisations (AMO).

The AMO...

The AMO is the owner of the Zeus Sport Data Management Software and all its associated intellectual property. The association is a not-for-profit Swiss based entity that was established in August 2011 by a group of Zeus users. The business model of a not-for-profit Swiss association was established to ensure transparency, ownership security and long term sustainability. It allows the Association's Member organisations to contribute to and share the benefits of the ongoing development of the Zeus Software.

AMO Founding Members

•  Australian Olympic Committee •  Canadian Olympic Committee
•  Canadian Paralympic Committee •  Commonwealth Games Canada
•  Commwealth Games England •  Commonwealth Games Federation
•  Commonwealth Games Scotland •  Finland Olympic Committee
•  New Zealand Olympic Committee •  Swiss Olympic Committee


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AMO's Purpose...

The purpose of the AMO is to assist multi-sport organisations in building their organisational capacity. We achieve our purpose by: 

•  Providing Member organisations access to the Zeus Athlete Data Management Software at affordable costs
•  Fostering a network of sport professionals focused on knowledge sharing
•  Providing technical support and training to our member organisations
•  Using our collective power to influence Games Organising Committees to develop multi-sport event industry standards
•  Reducing operational costs for our Member organisations by taking a collaborative approach to development


AMO Purpose